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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Interview and Giveaway

Welcome Joey Jameson! Please start off by telling us a little about yourself.

Well I’m actually from Canada, born and bred in a fairly small University town on the East Coast. Growing up I think I knew I wasn’t meant for ‘small-town’ life and decided to relocate to the UK after graduation. I moved to a little town just outside of London where I lived for almost four years, before realising how much I missed the seaside and thus decided to move to Brighton in the South East, to be closer to the ocean. There’s such an incredible vibe in Brighton, and its become the setting for all of my work so far.

Is Candy from Strangers a single title, or part of a series?

Candy from Strangers is definitely a single title. As much as I love the characters and the themes in this book, to carry it on would be doing a disservice to the plot. I wanted to write a book that people would become infatuated with and literally not be able to put down. I’m so happy with the final product and I think writing a second part would take away from the ending.

What were your inspirations for the story?

Growing up, I used to love books and films that told stories of obsession and the darker side of relationships. I remember Alicia Silverstone’s first film “The Crush”, where she played an adolescent who develops a fixation on her much-older neighbour. I was so inspired by her in that film and how she portrayed a character’s slow descent into complete and total obsession. I wanted to create that same kind of feeling in this piece. I wanted there to be very subtle signs that something wasn’t quite right with the character of Darien, and for the reader’s suspicions to become increasingly stronger as the story unfolded. When the book climaxes, I wanted to create such a sheer intensity between the two characters that all bets were off as to how the story would end. Just like in “The Crush”, I wanted Darien’s story to have so many cracks that the reader anticipates the books’ violent ending, while still being completely taken by the twist ending.

Please share your setting for Candy from Strangers. Have you ever lived or visited there? If so, what did you like most?   

When I first moved to the UK, I became quite taken by the seaside town of Brighton. It was the first place that I had ever visited where such a cosmopolitan city was built so close to the sea. I would come and visit as often as I could, to escape the often ‘manic’ setting of London, and soon realised that it’s where I wanted to eventually settle down. There’s such a gay-friendly vibe in Brighton and a feeling of acceptance and “laissez-faire” that I have never felt anywhere else. It’s now where I call home!

When did the writing bug first bite?

After High School, I originally wanted to go to Journalism School. I applied and spent absolute ages on my entrance essay, only to be denied acceptance. I was gutted. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else but writing for a living. So I pursued different areas, all the while never stopping writing. It was a hobby for me, a way of relaxing and escaping my otherwise busy day, and I eventually found solice in writing. When you don’t have someone sitting on your shoulder pressuring you to complete something, the ideas flow much easier. Which is how I wrote “Candy from Strangers.” It started out as an idea on a lonely Saturday night, which ended up snowballing into the piece you have today! I had no idea that it would end up being published when I started writing it. But I got more and more excited by the prospect of it with each chapter, and I’m so happy I never gave up. I’m so incredibly proud of it, and just hope others enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Who are you favorite authors, book/series?

I have such varied taste when it comes to books. I used to love autobiographies. I read countless ones, from Jack Nicholson’s, to Drew Barrymore’s, Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee. But it wasn’t until I picked up Jenna Jameson’s that I became truly engrossed in this industry. She is such a strong female; someone who wasn’t afraid to be herself and fought tooth and nail to make it despite all her shortcomings. She embraced the Adult Film industry and made a name of herself as the Queen of Porn. Her book “How to make love like a pornstar” made me want to write erotica. Also, her tips of how to give a proper blow job changed my life. I highly recommend it!

What is your most favorite childhood memory?

You’re going to laugh when I tell you this, but one of my favourite childhood memories was the first time I remember being turned on by another man. It was back in the day when Dennis Rodman was quite big in the media and playing for the Chicago Bulls. He had just released a book, which I managed to get my hands on, and in the middle of the book were some glossy pictures of him posing in various stages of undress. Looking back, it was probably the first time that I had gotten a boner looking at another man. He was my first crush, so to speak! I guess you could attribute where I am today to Mister Rodman! If it weren’t for his book, I may not be where I am today!

Do you have any hobbies or special things you like to do in your spear time?

I love to write. Writing is my hobby. I think the day that writing becomes a “job” or at all laborious, is the day when I’ll officially put down my pen. I consider it a hobby because I find it so enjoyable. I think I am most at peace with myself when I’m sitting in front of my laptop, getting lost in the lives of my characters. It’s a way of expressing who I am and exploring different sides to my personality.
Aside from writing, I’m a huge hippy and couldn’t let a day go by without doing yoga. It calms me and allows me to get in touch with my inner self. It’s the best workout for your body and mind, as it truly unites the two. I’m also gotten quite into henna tattoos lately. I took a course a while back on how to do them properly and am slightly obsessed with henna now. I’m not very good at it, but hopefully showing signs of improving!

Boxers, brief or commando?

I used to be such a boxer briefs kind of guy, but recently have begun finding briefs sexier. I’m a huge underwear whore over all; I love looking at guys in their briefs. There’s nothing sexier and more mysterious than pictures of men posing in their underwear. You can let your imagination run wild with thoughts of what their cocks will look like. And the snugger the better, if you ask me.

Favorite eye color?

Blue, all the way. It’s always been my favourite colour and when you see a guy with sparkling blue eyes, they’ve instantly got my attention. I’m jealous of people with really blue eyes, mine are kind of a cloudy blue, gray almost, and I’ve always worn contact lenses to accentuate the colour. Having said that, I also love when you meet someone with really dark eyes. There’s something very sexy and intriguing about dark eyes. They say their the windows to the soul, don’t they?

What's the strangest thing you've heard or seen?  

I’m not sure everyone will think this is particularly strange or not, but I once dated this guy who had the exact same tattoo as me. It was a random tribal design that I had found on the internet on a random tattoo website. We met when I moved to America to go to school and I freaked when I saw it! How weird that he and I had found the exact same tattoo on the exact same website in two different countries, and then met up  and dated years later! I took it as a sign that we were soul mates…Turns out he was a complete douche! 

Candy From Strangers: A Gay Erotic Thriller
by Joey Jameson
Published on November 1, 2012 by Chances Press, LLC
Erotic GLBT Thriller Romance
Heat Level: Sizzling
Length: 40,000 words

Available at:


Dylan, a 20-something English lad who’s successful, charming and beautiful, thinks he has everything, until one day his world is turned upside down when hot new neighbor, Darien, moves in across the road. The two begin a steamy affair that leaves Dylan breathless and thinking he may have finally found Mr. Right. But as time passes, cracks start to show in Darien’s story forcing Dylan to question everything he thought he knew about this dark stranger.

Candy from Strangers is a lustful tale of romance, intrigue and mystery that poses the question of how well do we ever know the ones we let into our lives.


This is one of those moments. You know the ones, that moment where you find yourself floating above your body staring down at yourself…thinking that there’s no way this could possibly be happening. There’s no way I could have allowed my life to take such a turn… There’s no way I could have fucked up so badly… This has got to be a dream…But no matter how many times I shake my head and grit my teeth, I don’t wake up from this apparent nightmare… The sound of muffled voices outside the padlocked door brings me back to where I am, and I shudder and peer around the small white room.

I look down at the blood underneath my finger nails, and I begin to shake all over. My eyes sting and the throbbing in my head is so loud I can’t focus on anything else. I put my hand up to my forehead instinctually, and then retract it to inspect the dried blood that’s caked itself to my head. All of a sudden a face flashes in my mind, almost like a jolt of electricity shooting through my brain; him…The one with the face of an angel…This is all because of him. I shake my head again trying to force the image of his face away, but it’s as if he’s standing right in front of me, taunting me with his gaze, his eyes burning a hole right through my skull.

A moan bubbles up from deep in my belly, but fizzles out before it reaches my mouth. I drop my head into my shackled hands and feel the familiar sting of tears from behind my eyes.

How did I get here? How did this happen to me?

Before I know it my thoughts are interrupted by the sound of a key cutting its way through the lock. The padlock is pulled back and the heavy door scrapes open. A man wearing a white coat and holding a clipboard walks in trepidatiously, accompanied by two other men. My breath hitches in my throat as the men walk slowly towards me, regarding me carefully as if they expect me to pounce on them like a hungry tiger. As they approach they begin to blur and fade around the edges. In their place, appears him again…his dark hair just as perfect as the day I met him. His eyes the same shade of green, welcoming and kind, yet mysterious. He holds out his hand and whispers something I can’t understand. The last thing I feel is an odd sense of comfort as everything goes black and I feel my body relax… But not before a puff of air from deep inside my lungs escapes from between my cracked lips, taking the shape of a word I hoped never to have to utter again…


About the Author:

Joey Jameson is Canadian born and bred, but currently living in Brighton, UK. He can usually be found either on the beach walking his two gorgeous dogs, or sipping swanky cocktails in his local haunt. Ever the fan of all things decadent and naughty, “Candy From Strangers” is his first delve into erotic fiction, but watch out for more titillating and tantalizing stories from Joey in the very near future.

For an insight into his daily life, you can follow him on twitter @joeyjameson or contact him via email on misterjoeyjameson@gmail.com. You can also visit his facebook page http://www.facebook.com/joeyjamesonauthor for a sneak-peak of new work to come.


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