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Friday, December 21, 2012

Guest Post and Giveaway with Dawne Prochilo

When I started writing professionally three years ago in the world of romance, I had no idea where my career was heading. I knew I wanted to write romance, any genre. Other than that, I was lost.
I grew up reading Harlequin, sweet and sensual novels, and my overimaginative mind started creating story lines and plots way before I had heard of the word synopsis, submission and all the other industry terms that roll off my tongue every day now.
Three years into my career, I have finally found my way and know exactly what specific genre I want to write, how sweet or sensual I want to keep my writing style and what target audience I want as fans and readers.
After delving into the romance genre and hitting every heat level (from 1 to four, I couldn't quite qrite the heat needed for 5), I have found myself being drawn back to 1 and 2 flame sweet romance. I penned the erotic ones, the GLBT ones and the menage ones, but sweet happily ever after love connections are my comfort zone.
Sweet love, a defined connection between the characters and love scenes left at the bedroom door. I prefer to let the reader imagine the hero and heroine advancing their physical relationship. But to even further narrow down my specific genre- I am in love with and have found a knack for writing historical westerns. Yes, or should I say, yee-haw. The cowboy lingo, the precious maiden gal from back east attempting to survive the lawless west and the simpler way of life has really struck a nerve in my writing creativity.
I have a historical western romance series coming out starting this month with Secret/Sweet Cravings and I'm halfway complete with the series and alreayd my mind is swirling and creating the next historical western series. It is a vicious cycle we authors deal with on a daily basis, btu I wouldn't have it any other way.
In honor of my first western releasing, I am offering a giveaway of a PDF copy of Cody's Promise: The Butlers of Willow Creek. Leave a comment here with a valid email address and one name will be drawn in a couple of days. Good luck to all who enter!

Cody's Promise
by Dawne Prochilo
Butler's of Willow Creek, Book One
Oldest Butler sibling, Cody, has his eye on newcomer, and saloon gal, Lydia Parsons. She is an innocent duped into a world of an unpleasant profession and he knows he needs to rescue her. It isn't until after he saves her that he realized she is harboring a secret; one that will make for a ready made family.

~~ Excerpt ~~
Never a day passed that Lydia didn't think of Charlie. She even started asking the other saloon girls of his whereabouts, to no avail, none of the girls had seen or heard about him.
Before Lydia knew it her two-step entertaining days were over, replaced by travels upstairs with her dancing partners. The first time was frightening and horrid. She remembered the man's stench from weeks and weeks on the range without a bath, the way his overgrown facial hair burned into her tender flesh and the way his foul mouth tasted against her lips. As soon as he hoisted his buckskins back over his hips, Lydia raced from her bedroom down the back stairs of the saloon and heaved the contents of her stomach into the deserted alley. The images of the past hour had revolted her, making her skin crawl in disgust.
Later in the early hours of morning, after all the other girls and Madame Love had retired for the day, Lydia slipped downstairs to the kitchen and hauled out the washtub. After warming water on the cook stove, she cleansed her body. Her damaged soul could never be mended.
From that day forward, Lydia closed her mind off every time she entertained a man in her room. With each thrust from the man into her body, Lydia forced her mind and body to a deep place within her soul; burying all sound, motion and every degrading word.
The way the men grunted while savagely humiliating her body could never be removed from her mind, but Lydia always held onto the promise of leaving Willow Creek. She mentally counted the days until the next stagecoach arrived. If allowed to leave the saloon, she would have visited the stationkeeper daily to confirm the date of arrival of that stagecoach but since that was forbidden, Lydia relied on her memory. But those memories didn't help her present situation.
When Cody reached her, he took her hand in his, and, without words, he led her to the staircase leading up to the girls' rooms. In mutual silence they ascended the steps, Cody never releasing her hand. Lydia could sense his protective ways through their touch. It made her feel at ease knowing he would be with her tonight, even if for only a few hours. No other customers were allowed to spend the night or stay with one girl for the entire evening, but Madame Love made an exception for Cody when he came to visit Lydia, so as to not upset Bertrand.
Despite Lydia's profession, just having Cody near her made her blush like an innocent child. Internally she giggled and her stomach fluttered with expectations of what would happen once they were behind closed doors.

~~ About the Author ~~

Dawne Prochilo is a published erotic romance and romance author, with 13 books in publication since 2009, she is a freelance writer and online journalist, owner of several promotional blogs, including Front Seat Romance and the Romance Marketplace. She is also the Promotions Director, Review Coordinator and Acquisitions Editor for Secret Cravings Publishing, she was named the 2012 Seriously Reviewed Review Coordinator of the Year and is an affiliate partner with After Dark Online. She has 13 years experience as a freelance writer and staff writer for various newspapers, including a fall 2011, publication in USA TODAY. Dawne’s prolific writing style has allowed her to expand in the publishing industry quickly.

Twitter- @goldendawne1


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