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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Spotlight: SEALed with a Kiss by Travis K Sharpe

SEALed With A Kiss
by Travis K Sharpe
Published by Rebel Ink Press
Word Count: 55,000
Heat level: Sweet


Jace’s heart pounds in his chest while his Navy SEAL team finishes the mop-up on the deck of the Somali pirate ship. But the battle isn’t what affects his heart rate. It’s the beauty he’s rescuing. The female kidnap victim wouldn’t appear beautiful to most in her disheveled state, but to Jace, she’s a princess.

Brooklyn’s consciousness fades from her grasp as the most beautiful angel descends from the heavens to deliver her from her torment. Back home, she finds out her family is still alive and being held for ransom. Thoughts of her rescuer invade her soul while she seeks out her former captors in an effort to free her family.

Jace finds Brooklyn once again in the pirates’ captivity. This time, he's able to pull her from their grasp before any further harm befalls her and he brings her family with them. They spend what little time is left of Jace’s leave laying the foundation for a lifetime of blissful romance.

~~ About the Author ~~

I am married to my high school sweetheart, and we have a little boy. My day job is as a self-employed optometrist. My family and I enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, shooting, and water sports.

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  1. Thank you for spotlighting my book. Sorry I didn't respond bofore this, my father-in-law went into the hospital and had heart surgery suddenly, and we are just getting home today.

    Thanks again!

  2. Travis, congratulations on your release. I hope your father's doing better.