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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Interview and Giveaway with Jessica Subject

Jessica: Danyka, thank you for coming with me to visit Books Amor! Can you tell the readers about yourself? Your job, hobbies, special talents, and anything else you would want to share?
Danyka: Well, before I met Galan and Volan, I was assistant to movie producer, Josh Summers. I don’t know if I have any special talents, but because I’m so tall I often get asked to reach for things. Though many times I wish I were shorter.

Jessica: Where did you grow up?
Danyka: I grew up outside of Las Vegas, but when my parents died, I went to live at my aunt’s house in the city. I say “lived at” because I didn’t see her much. We tried to avoid each other until I turned 18 and moved out.

Jessica: Tell us about the first time you met Galan and Volan.
Danyka: Well, I met Galan first. Josh gave me tickets to attend a costume ball while he was on his honeymoon. I took my two best friends with me, but then I found out his wife, Tamara, had set me up on a 1Night Stand date. After waiting around at the ball for my date to show up, and watching my friends leave with the guys they’d picked up, I was ready to leave. Then Galan came up behind me and asked me where I was going, introducing me as his date. I was pleasantly speechless. I mean, it’s not very often I meet a guy so much taller than me. And he looked hot in his justacorps and breeches. At the end of the ball, we snuck away and things got hot and heavy in a back alley. When I suggested we go someplace else, we ended up in his spaceship. And that’s where I met his twin brother, Volan.

Jessica: I’m sure that came as quite a surprise. What drew you to these two males?
Danyka: It certainly was. I admit the attraction was completely superficial with Galan at first, but then when I learned he was an alien, everything changed. It became all about trust. I trusted them with my life, hoped they wouldn’t hurt me. What could I do? I was no longer on Earth, but in their spacecraft. But they took care of me, treated me better than any guy ever has.

Jessica: What is your favorite part of each brother?
Daynka: What’s not to like? These two are unbelievably hot whether they’re wearing clothes or not. But to be honest, it’s their personalities. Galan is organized while Volan is more of a free-spirit. Yet both are so caring and considerate. It’s something I really haven’t experienced since I lost my parents.

Jessica: Speaking of that, what’s your favorite childhood memory?
Danyka: That would be lying in the backyard at night with my father. He would point out the constellations and tell me about the planets, and about galaxies other than our own.

Jessica: What’s your favorite vacation spot?
Danyka: On Earth? That would be any place that has a Planetarium and Observatory. Without them, no vacation is complete.

Jessica Would you care to share any future plans?
Danyka: I’m not sure what the future has in store, but I’m happy right now with the decisions I’ve made. We’ll have to see where this goes.

Satin Sheets in Space 
by Jessica Subject

Danyka's unusual height and radiant red hair earn her the cold shoulder from any guy she approaches, unless he wants to experiment with a giant. So when her boss sets up on a one night stand, she hopes for a prince but expects the usual toad.

As a captivating stranger whisks her away from the ball and introduces her to his equally gorgeous brother, she fears her fantasies have become a nightmare. Has she finally given into impulse only to become a lab rat in an unknown world? 

Available from:

~~ Excerpt ~~

That’s it, I’m leaving. She didn’t need to stick around and be reminded of another night she’d been stood up by a blind date and passed over by every other available male.

After slipping her shoes on and grabbing her clutch, she headed for the door.

“Leaving so soon?”

She shivered at the sound of the deep, sexy voice. Spinning around, she gazed up at an enormous, captivating man. Very rarely did she meet a guy so much taller than herself. His black velvet justacorps fit tight across his broad shoulders, but not too snug. And the silk shirt lining his wide chest matched the color of her dress. Almost as if they were made for each other. I can only hope.

Flowing down his back, his long, thick, dark mane appeared to have feathers throughout. In the dim lighting, his hair, and even his skin had a faint blue glow. She couldn’t help but be enthralled by his presence; was sure she stood in front of him with her mouth hanging open.
“I…I’m going home.”

“When the night is still so young?” He brushed his hand down her bare arm. “What could be more fun at home? Perhaps you might even enjoy some company?”

How she’d love to spend the night in this man’s company, the toys in her nightstand long forgotten. But this had to be some kind of joke. She looked around for cameras, anxious faces. No one as hot as this man could want to spend a night with her. “It’s been a long day. I was
stood up by my date, and my friends no longer need me to stick around.”

Great! She’d just told the guy she was alone. Might as well have put a target on my back.

He rested his hand on her hip, sending intense sexual energy zinging straight to her core. “You mean you wouldn’t want to enjoy an evening in my company? Because I’m your date.”


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~~ About the Author ~~

Jessica Subject started writing to encourage her daughter to read. Now she writes to keep herself grounded. Although she reads many genres, she enjoys writing Science Fiction Romance the most and believes everyone in the universe deserves a happily ever after. She lives Southwestern Ontario, Canada with her husband and two kids and loves to hear from anyone who has enjoyed her stories.


  1. Thanks for the excerpt Jessica. It has a real fairytale feel to it, very intrigueing :)
    The interview was also great :D Satin Sheets in Space is going on my TBR list!

    vampyangel at live dot com

    1. Thanks so much, Ellen!

      I never thought of it as a fairy tale before, but it does have a strong resemblance at the beginning to Cinderella, and maybe a bit of Beauty and the Beast as well. Though, I had to throw my sexy aliens in. LOL

  2. Lia, thanks you so much for having Danyka and I on your blog! :-)

  3. Jessica, this looks like another fantastic story from you. I had to laugh about trying to avoid your aunt until you were 18 :O) Carin
    mawmom at gmail dot com

    1. I guess Danyka, like me, prefers to avoid a confrontation than to fight all the time. But when she went out and got a tattoo, they had a huge confrontation.

      Thanks, Carin! :)

  4. Love, love, love the interview! This book sounds really good.

    JYL22075 at gmail dot com

  5. Very nice interview and excerpt.


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  7. i loved the interview! nice excerpt!

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  8. Thank again to Lia, for having me and Danyka on Books Amour.

    Congratulations to JYL, the winner of the giveaway! :)