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Monday, November 19, 2012

Character Interview with Rhett and Leah from 10 Nights

Interview conducted by Tears of Crimson Staff Reporters

TOC:  Thanks so much for agreeing to sit down with us today.  Your staff tells us you've just returned from Mexico?
Rhett:  Yes, we had a lovely vacation and enjoyed some exciting nights together.
Leah:  I don't think they need to know much more than that Sir!
Rhett:  But Leah your cheeks turn such a lovely shade of pink when we discuss our nights.

TOC:  Speaking of embarrassment Rhett, I've been hearing that readers are pretty angry about the way you're treating Leah.  Would you like to address that?
Rhett:  First I would say that until you've been under my control, you don't understand how I do things.  Second, what happens between me and Leah doesn't concern the public.  I will say that if Leah wasn't in full agreement with the way our relationship was progressing, she wouldn't be here. 
Leah:  I appreciate all the concern, truly I do, but I love Rhett and am happy.  This lifestyle isn't for everyone, but it works for us.

TOC:  There's a rumor going around that you have a private dungeon in your home, Rhett.
Rhett:  Are you asking for an invitation?  Of course you are welcome to come see how I do things, and yes I do have one but it is by invitation only. 

TOC: I think I'd better decline due to my professional interests, but thank you.  Leah how do you feel about playing in public that way?
Leah:  We haven't played together in public yet, I'm still trying to get used to the idea of being in this lifestyle at all.  If you had asked me even a few weeks ago if I would have considered it, the answer would have been no.  Rhett has a way of making you want to please him though, and he's hard to turn down.

TOC:  Rhett do you worry about the influence you have over Leah?
Rhett: I would worry more if I didn't have the influence I have.  I admit I push her boundaries frequently, but she's a natural submissive and I think she's made it pretty clear that she's happy in our relationship.

TOC:  So what happens after your ten nights together, if you don't mind me asking?
Rhett:  Well I plan on taking Leah Beyond any pleasures she's ever known then.  The ten nights really are just to get her accustomed to my lifestyle and what I expect from a partner.
Leah:  If I make it through the rest of the nights, I'm sure I'll follow him wherever he leads.  It's still hard to believe that I finally found the man who could tame my heart.

TOC:  How did you come up with your "10 Night Plan"?
Rhett:  You are asking me to reveal all my secrets here.  Let's just say that an old friend of mine in college and I had a lot of time when we growing into our own and we made a list of the ten most important attributes we expected a submissive to have.  We turned those attributes into scenes that pushed boundaries, tested limits, and demanded complete surrender.

TOC:  I've read over that "10 Night Plan" and it seems a little extreme.  Leah, how did you feel when you first discovered what was expected of you.
Leah:  You got to read it?  I was only told he had ten nights and if I made it through all of them we would truly be compatible.
Rhett:  She knows all she need to at the moment, so please keep that information confidential.  (Making a mental note to find out just who had given out a copy of his plan, and preparing to chew them out.)

TOC:  Well I've kept you here longer than I should have, but I wanted to thank you both for a great interview.  Where can we find out more about what's going on in your world?
Rhett:  I'd be glad to send updates to your website about our lifestyle and the events we have planned. 
TOC:  Thanks so much, so our readers can follow up with you at www.tearsofcrimson.com

From the world of Tears of Crimson comes 10 Nights of dark pleasures!

From virgin to courtesan in 10 nights? Was Leah even willing to consider it?

After graduation, twenty-four-year-old Leah was determined that no man would destroy her plans for the future. Or so she thought. Her best laid plans and well-ordered life were turned head over heels after her best friend, Janie, invited her to a "coming-out" party.

One look at Rhett and all previous thoughts went straight to hell. He made an unbelievable offer to her: "Give me 10 nights and I'll show you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams."

Was this an invitation to paradise or would his request destroy her mind, body and soul?

Book 1 in the Forbidden Desires Series Available where all great books are sold!

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